Bruce LaBruce

Country Located : Canada

* * INCOMING MESSAGE * *: Hey Kids! I am totes thrilled to be participating in the virtual Tom of Finland Art Fair this year! I had the great opportunity to attend the ToF Art Fair a couple of years ago in person, which was very inspiring, so it as a pleasure to be participating in this cantankerous year 2020 which we all hate and can't wait to be over!!! Please check out the interview I did for the occasion conducted by Jamison Karon called WTF - What the Flick! where we discuss the movies that have influenced me in my filmmaking and photography. I also have a new book out called "Death Book" from Baron Books that includes a lot of my most extreme photographs, Polaroids and film stills. You can order the book at the ToF Store, as well as purchase a limited edition of prints taken from the book. Have a great ToF festival, and I hope to see you there in person next year!!! xxx BLAB

Photographs from my new book "Death Book" from Baron Books and Jewelry done in collaboration with Jonathan Johnson. ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW in conjunction with TOM OF FINLAND ART FAIR.

Artist Bio:

Bruce LaBruce is a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and artist based in Toronto but working internationally. Along with a number of short films, he has written and directed eleven feature films, including “Gerontophilia,” which won the Grand Prix at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal in 2013. As a photographer he has had numerous gallery shows around the world, including a photo exhibit called “Obscenity” at La Fresh Gallery in Madrid which caused a national ruckus in Spain. His feature film “L.A. Zombie” was notably banned in Australia. His latest feature “Saint-Narcisse” is currently on the festival circuit. His new photography book "Death Book” is now available from Baron Books ( More information about "Death Book" can be found by clicking the 'website' link on this page. A new book of photography, called “Fixations,” will be out early next year from Milos Mestas Editions.

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